Thursday, August 13, 2020
Meeting History


  • Nov - Hangfire (Opensource) - background processing in .NET and .NET Core - Tim Chaffee
  • Nov - First IoT Meetup - new group!
  • Oct - DotNetConf - Discover the World of .NET - Tim Chaffee & Stan Schultes
  • Jun - Use-Cases for Blockchain: Will Blockchain Disrupt Your Industry? - Joe Jordan
  • May - Tech Talks - Stan Schultes - Microsoft RD and MVP
  • May - Cryptocurrencies - Sabine Priestley
  • Apr - Azure and IoT Connections - John Wang
  • Mar - Meet the Tech Guru and Startup Geek - Bryan Green 
  • Feb - DaVinci's Faire and Manatee STEM Competition - Stan Schultes, Microsoft MVP


  • Nov - Introduction to HPC and Azure Batch - John Wang
  • Nov - Tech Talks at Station 2 - Stan Schultes, Microsoft MVP
  • Nov - Success in Innovation from A-Z - Chris Baden
  • Sep - Dynamics 365 as a Developer Platform - Greg DeCarlo
  • Aug - Fundraising for Startups - Peter Nealis
  • Aug - Chromebooks for Seniors - Hewie Poplock
  • July - Azure IoT Solutions - Art Garcia, Microsoft MVP
  • Jun - Tech Talks at Station 2 - Stan Schultes, Microsoft MVP
  • Jun - Starting a High Tech Business in Sarasota - Bob DePree
  • May - DaVinci's Faire - Manatee Technical College
  • Apr - Introduction to Blockchain Technologies - Nasser Hanif
  • Mar - Secrets to Improving Web Performance - Robert Boedigheimer, Microsoft MVP
  • Mar - Visual Studio 2017 Launch Event - Stan Schultes, MVP and Microsoft
  • Feb - Relationship Between Technology and Entrepreneurship - Dick Murray
  • Jan - Microsoft Surface Tech Overview - Tracy Paar, Microsoft


  • Dec - Microsoft Sway Product Overview - Tracy Paar, Microsoft
  • Oct - First Anniversary Party at Station 2 - Station 2 Innovation Team
  • Sep - Open Developer Day at Station 2 - Stan Schultes, Microsoft MVP
  • Aug - What's a Smart City and What Does that Mean to You? - Stan Schultes, Microsoft MVP
  • Jul - Focus & Productivity in the Age of Distraction - Lee Jones
  • May - Women in Tech - Why the Industry Needs You - Tameika Reed
  • Apr - What it takes to build a winning Hackathon team - Team KineticCare
  • Mar - Return on Awareness - Preparing for Cybersecurity Incidents - Santiago Ayala
  • Mar - The ABCs of an App Startup - Benjamin King
  • Jan - Building a Winning Technology Team - Clear Idea Labs


  • Dec - Crypto 101 & HTTP/2 - Robert Boedigheimer MVP
  • Oct - Building a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) Platform for Fun & Profit - John Corning
  • Sep - CORTANA(!)... and how easy it is to integrate her into your apps - Kelvin McDaniel
  • Jul - TFS Build 2015: Cross Platform and Awesome! - Esteban Garcia, Microsoft MVP
  • Jun - Rock'in Cross Platform Mobile Dev! - Russ Fustino, Microsoft MVP
  • Apr - Mobile Development Skydive - Michael Stark
  • Mar - an IOT (Internet of Things) Conversation - Kevin Wolf, Microsoft MVP and Joe Healy for Open Office Hours


  • Dec - The *NEW* .NET Compiler Platform (aka "Project Roslyn") - Cory Smith, MVP
  • Jun - DotNetNuke 7 Features and Open Source Development Model - Shaun Walker, MVP
  • Feb - Rock Your Code With Visual Studio Add-ins AND Rock Your Code Using Code Contracts - from Dave McCarter's Rock Florida Tour
  • Jan - Sarasota Hackathon and Mashup - Kevin Wolf, MVP and Tampa guys


  • Dec - off for the holidays...
  • Nov - jQuery Fundamentals and Improving Web Performance - by Robert Boedigheimer, MVP
  • Oct - Sharing Code between the Windows 8 & Windows Phone Platforms - by Tim Chaffee
  • Sep - Migrating Apps to Windows Azure - by Joe Brinkman of DNN Corp
  • Aug - ASP.NET MVC - Routing in the Spotlight - by Walt Ritscher, MVP
  • Jul - Increasing Your App’s Popularity - by Bill Reiss, MVP
  • Jun - Gamebuilding for Windows 8 and Windows Phone Using Gamemaker - by Joe Healy, Microsoft


  • Dec - Windows Phone 8 for Developers - by Joe Healy, Microsoft
  • Nov - Windows 8 for Developers - by Joe Healy, Microsoft
  • Oct - no meeting
  • Sept - Windows 8 Overview - by Michael Stark
  • Jul/Aug - off for the summer.
  • Jun: How to Build an Open Source Reusable Framework in ASP.NET MVC - by Kevin Junghans
  • May: What's New in DotNetNuke v6.2, and Integration of the Active Social Module - by Shaun Walker MVP
  • Apr: Using the Visual Studio NuGet Extension - by Colin Blakey
  • Mar: Expression Blend for Developers & Mastering movement: The Art of Using Animation in Your Application - by Walt Ritscher, MVP
  • Feb: Exploring Entity Framework 4 Coding Models - by Stan Schultes, MVP
  • Jan: no meeting


  • Dec: An Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3 - by Robert Boedigheimer, MVP
  • Nov #2: All Things OData (2-part session) - by Chris "Woody" Woodruff, MVP
  • Nov: Continuous Integration with Team Foundation Server - by Esteban Garcia
  • Oct: BUILD conference and Win8 Developer Demos - by Stan Schultes, MVP
  • Sep: Making (More) Money with Windows Phone 7 - by Russ Fustino, Grape City
  • Aug: Prototyping with Expression Blend SketchFlow - by Nikita Polyakov, MVP
  • Jul: reMIX 2011 - Top 10 Favorite Things I Found - by Joe Healy of Microsoft
  • Jun: summer break
  • May:Azure Developer Overview - by Kris Ivanov
  • Apr: An Overview of Open Xml - by Colin Blakey
  • Mar: Building an eCommerce App with MVC - by Terry Rooks of MethodFactory. Download sample code.
  • Feb: Secrets of a .NET Ninja - by Chris Eargle, MVP
  • Jan: Windows Phone 7 Developer Day by Kevin Wolf MVP and Russ Fustino


  • Dec: Developing .Net Communications Applications for the Cloud by Kevin Junghans
  • Nov: GEO-SPATIAL Data from SQL to Web Page by Michael Stark
  • Oct: SharePoint 2010 from an Office User's Perspective by Terry Rooks
  • Sep: Personalizing Visual Studio 2010 by Stan Schultes MVP. Download slide deck.
  • Aug: Silverlight 4 Controls Overview by Russ Fustino
  • Jul: <summer break>
  • Jun: Visual Studio 2010 - Community Launch Event
  • May: What's New in Enterprise Library 5 by David Hayden, Microsoft MVP
  • Apr: RIA Services in Real Life by Victor Sumskoy
  • Mar: Functional Programming with F# by Eugene Chuvyrov
  • Feb: Windows Azure for Developers by Joe Healy, Microsoft
  • Jan: Silverlight RAD Development in Visual Studio 2010 by Greg Leonardo


  • Dec: SharePoint 2010 Development Platform by Paul Stubbs, Microsoft
  • Nov: ReSharper Overview by Colin Blakey and Bing Maps Webcontrol API by John Dunagan
  • Oct #2: TikiHut Tour by Joe Healy and Russ Fustino of Microsoft
  • Oct: Test Driven Development with Visual Studio and TFS 2008 by Ryan Dorrell
  • Sep: Getting RAD with Visual Studio 2008 by Stan Schultes, Microsoft MVP
  • Aug: What’s New in Silverlight 3 by Bill Reiss, Microsoft MVP
  • Jul: LINQ King for the DBA Guy by Jim Wooley, Microsoft MVP
  • Jun: Using ASP.NET WebForms with jQuery and WCF by Don Demsak, Microsoft MVP
  • May: An Inversion of Control Case Study by Terry Rooks
  • Apr: Building SSIS Components by Rushabh Mehta, Microsoft MVP
  • Mar: Memory Management Fundamentals by Scott Dorman, Microsoft MVP
  • Feb: A Lap Around VSTS 2010 by Brandon Kelly
  • Jan: Aspect Oriented Programming by David Hayden, Microsoft MVP


  • Dec: DotNetNuke 5 - Developing Custom Modules by Stan Schultes, Microsoft MVP
  • Nov: Intro to SQL Compact and Data Sync services by Nikita Polyakov, Microsoft MVP
  • Oct: Why and When to Use ASP.NET MVC by Timothy Khouri
  • Sep: Unity Framework by Randy Patterson
  • Aug: Code Generation with T4 Text Templates by Oleg Sych, Microsoft MVP
  • Jul: Meeting @Tampa CodeCamp
  • Jun #2: 2008 Launch Event: Visual Studio, SQL Server, Windows Server
  • Jun: VS2008/.NET 3.5 SP1 Releases by Jonathan Carter, Microsoft
  • May: Entity Framework by John Papa, Microsoft MVP
  • Apr: ASP.NET MVC and Data Access Tips & Techniques by David Hayden, Microsoft MVP
  • Mar: Post-MIX08: Hello, Silverlight 2.0! by Bill Reiss, Microsoft MVP
  • Feb #2: TikiHut Tour by Joe Healy and Jeff Barnes of Microsoft
  • Feb: Building Custom Applications with SharePoint by Andrew Connell, Microsoft MVP
  • Jan: Developing with Visual Studio 2008 by Rocky Lhotka, Microsoft RD and MVP


  • Dec #2: Visual Studio 2008 InstallFest with Joe Healy, Microsoft
  • Dec: PnPGuidance by David Hayden and Stan Schultes, Microsoft MVPs
  • Nov: JeffNJoe MSDN .NET Tiki Hut Roadshow by Joe Healy and Jeff Barnes, Microsoft
  • Oct #2: It's All About The Tools! by Russ Fustino and Stan Schultes, Microsoft MVP
  • Oct: Visual Studio Macro Development by Kennon McCaa
  • Sep: LINQ, Entity Framework, and Project Astoria by Jonathan Carter
  • Aug: Silverlight for Developers by Joe Healy, Microsoft Developer Evangelist
  • Jul: Meeting @Tampa CodeCamp
  • Jun: SQL 2005 - Overview of SSIS and SQL CLR development by Wes Dumey
  • May: Deep Dive into the AJAX.NET UpdatePanel by Wally McClure, Microsoft MVP
  • Apr: Creating SharePoint Workflow Templates in Visual Studio 2005 - by Ted Pattison, Microsoft MVP
  • Mar: XNA Game Studio Express - by Russ Fustino, Microsoft Developer Evangelist
  • Feb: Code Generation with ASP.NET - by Jim Zimmerman, Microsoft MVP
  • Jan: Enterprise Library 3.0 and the Validation Application Block by David Hayden, Microsoft MVP


  • Dec: Writing ASP.Net 2.0 to Web Standards by John Dunagan
  • Nov: Introduction to WCF by Jeff Barnes, Microsoft Architect Evangelist
  • Oct: Hitting the Ground Running with Custom Webcontrols by Miguel Castro, Microsoft MVP
  • Sep: Office 2007 System as a Solutions Platform by David McNamee
  • Aug: WF and Smart Client by Tim Huckaby, Microsoft RD, MVP and Software Legend
  • Jul: Meeting @Tampa CodeCamp
  • Jun: An Introduction to Speech Applications Development by Kevin Junghans
  • May: An Introduction to Atlas (AJAX for .NET) by AJ Warnock
  • Apr: SQL 2005 and Enterprise Library 2.0 by David Hayden, Microsoft MVP
  • Mar: Seamless Upgrade Path to WCF with ASMX 2 and WSE 3 by Tom Fuller, Microsoft MVP
  • Feb: Windows Vista and VSTO by Russ Fustino, Microsoft Developer Evangelist
  • Jan: Data Binding in WinForms v2 by Brian Noyes, Microsoft MVP


  • Dec: Technical Quick Shots - Coding with Style by AJ Warnock and LINQ Overview by Dale Thompson
  • Nov: Debugging Techniques in Visual Studio 2005 by Jonathan Goodyear, Microsoft MVP
  • Oct: Hot Tips on .NET v2 by Ken Spencer, Microsoft RD and MVP
  • Sep: SQL Server 2005 Technical Overview by David Lapides
  • Aug: Visual Studio 2005 Team System by Joe Healy, Microsoft Developer Evangelist
  • Jul: Meeting @Tampa CodeCamp
  • Jun: ADO.NET Tips & Tricks by Shawn Wildermuth, Microsoft MVP
  • May: Generics and other cool stuff in .NET 2005 by Ambrose Little, Microsoft MVP
  • Apr: Visual Studio 2005 by Joe Healy, Microsoft Developer Evangelist
  • Mar: DotNetNuke Overview by Stan Schultes, Microsoft MVP
  • Feb: ASP.NET Tips, Tricks & Beyond Jason Beres, Microsoft MVP
  • Jan: WSE2 Enhancements by Ambrose Little, Microsoft MVP


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