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Visual Studio 2010 - Resources
MSDN Content

Visual Studio Developer Center (main MSDN links page):

Visual Studio Express Dev Center (free VS downloads):

VB Developer Center:

C# Developer Center:

C++ Developer Center:

F# Develop Center:

VSTO Developer Center:

SharePoint Developer Center:

Code Downloads

CodePlex - Project Hosting for Open Source Software:

MSDN Code Gallery - primarily Microsoft content:
- use VS 2010 Extension Manager to browse the Code Gallery directly

Visual Basic 2010 Samples:

Visual C# 2010 Samples:

F# 2010 Samples:

VS 2010 Languages and Technologies Samples:

Parallel Programming Samples:

SharePoint Samples:

Office Development Samples:

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Samples:

Databinding Samples (WPF and Silverlight):

Visual Studio Content

VS2010 product page:

Visual Studio 2010 & .NET Framework 4 Training Kit:

Visual Studio Topic Area on Channel 9 - online training courses:

VS 2010 Walkthroughs on MSDN:

VS 2010 Software Development Kit (SDK):

VS 2010 Resource Kit:

VS 2010 Resources Page:

VS 2010 RC - Virtual Machines and Hands On Labs:

VS 2010 Feature Packs (released at TechEd 2010):

VS 2010 Pro Power Tools (released at TechEd 2010):

Visual Studio Tip of the Day (Zain Naboulsi):

Keyboard shortcut posters for VB, C#, F#, and C++:

.NET Framework 4.0 Poster (namespaces) PDF: and DeepZoom version:

Visual Studio Color Theme Editor (Microsoft):

Visual Studio Color Schemes (community site):

External Tools / Add-ins

DevXpress - CodeRush Xpress for VB and C# (free):

JetBrains - ReSharper (trial):


Visual Studio Team:

Visual Basic Team:

Office Dev with Visual Studio:

Visual Studio Data Team:

SharePoint Team:

WPF & Silverlight Designer Team:


Scott Guthrie:

Jason Zander:

Beth Massi:

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